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The Mighty Samlout Sangker River Trail
02 January 2014

MJP CEO and Conservation Wildlife Enforcement Team (CWET) embark on the first-ever reconnaissance mission on the Steung Sangker River. It took 9 hours to travel approximately 32km by kayak due to extreme rapids along the route.

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Day 1
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Day 2
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Fact about Sangkae River

1. Average Yearly Discharge of the Stung Sangker River into the Tonle Sap Lake

2. Average depth of the river? The depth of the river calculated based on raw data from Department of Water Resource Battambang, 2013:

    • Average depth of the river during dry season: 2.35m (excluded sea level)
    • Average depth of the river during wet season: 6.79m (excluded sea level)

3. How many communes/districts does it flow thru? There are 6 districts and 27 commune that Sangker River flow thru:

  1. Samlout district:
    • Samlout commune
    • Mean Chey commune
  2. Ratanak Mondul district:
    • Plov Meas commune
    • Treng commune
    • Andaek Haeb commune
    • Sdao  commune
  3. Banan district: 
    • Snoeng commune
    • Cheng Mean Chey commune
    • Kantueu Mouy commune
    • Kantueu Pir commune
    • Bay Daram commune
    • Cheu Teal commune
  4. Sangker district: 
    • Vat Tameum commune
    • Ou Dambang Mouy commune
    • Norea commune
  5. Battambang district: 
    • Vat Kor commune
    • Svay Pao commune
    • Ratanak commune
    • Preak Preah Sdach
    • Chamka Samroung commune
    • Sla Ket commune
    • Samrong Knong commune
    • Kdol Doun Teav commune
  6. Ek Phnom district:  
    • Preak Kpob commune
    • Preak Norin commune
    • Preak Loung commune
    • Prey Chas commune

Data source: GIS information system, National Department of Geography
Sangker river trail and commune boundary

4. How many fish species are found in the river?
Battambang province is located in the northwest part of Cambodia. It is one of the 6 provinces bordering the Tonle Sap Lake. Traditionally, Battambang is a major source of freshwater fish. The fish come especially from the Sangker River, The Mongkor Bory River and Great Lake. There are 32 fish species in Sangker River (Rot T., 2006)

5. How long is the river?
The Sangker River is approximately 250km long and provide a good hydrological regime. The river originates from the Samlout region and flow through Battabmang Town (Rot T., 2006).

6. Has anyone explored the entire length of the river on boat (like we just did)
There isn’t anyone explored the entire length of the river on a boat (Kayak).
It also important to note that:

    • There were only bamboo floating boat which poor villager used to transport bamboo stems along Stung Sangker (example, during the year 2008-2009) from Samlout and other district around. This bamboo floating board was made not for a research study or any specific exploration.
    • Fishing boat where people boating within the fishing community and short distance.

Source: Rot T.,2006: Uy fishery in the Sangker River, Battambang Province, Cambodia